Our goal is to know your business back to front and inside out so that we can give you the individualised advice that it deserves

At Enrizen we understand the ups and downs of starting and running your own business. At every stage of your business life cycle, we have in-house disciplinary experts that work together to understand your needs, predict any barriers to your success and support you.

Financial services for your business


Managing risk is an important part of business, and planning for risks before they occur is often the easiest way to do so. We assist you to identify and evaluate the true level of risks to your business and advise on what is required to mitigate or manage it.

Our insurance specialists hold long standing relationships with insurers enabling them to communicate your exact risk and achieve bespoke rates rather than have you be treated as one of the masses and achieve only market rates.

Financial services for your business


As corporate advisors and direct investors we take an active role in the advancement and growth of opportunities in each of our engagements. This may be by the way of the subsequent integration of an acquisition; the progression of a project through to development; or a long-term divestment strategy.

Financial services for your business


Enrizen can advise on how your business can achieve more or grow faster through finance.  From business loans to equipment shop fit-outs, we aim to provide you with effective, flexible and competitive financing options and a plan to pay it back. Our goal is always to provide enduring solutions for our clients.

Financial services for your business


Our solicitors thrive in translating complex situations into actionable advice for their clients.  We find that businesses usually require help with the following from our legal gurus, though their experience and expertise extends much further.


Financial services for your business


Our accountants revel in helping you keep as much of your hard-earned cash as possible. Their ability to structure your company can help ensure you are not overpaying your taxes and further help you remain compliant in an ever changing, ever more complex landscape.

With our accountants on your side, you can be confident that your business will deliver to its full potential.

Contract Reviews
Contract Reviews
Before entering into any agreement, our team will comb through your contract to help you understand what your business is getting into. They’ll also ensure your business is not agreeing to overly onerous obligations.
Business Agreements
Business Agreements
Including shareholder agreements; partnership agreements; employment agreements; sale agreements; loan agreements; franchising agreements; liquidation agreements; and due diligence.
Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution
Our solicitors will work to negotiate favourable and achievable solutions to all types of commercial disputes, ranging from simple contractual misunderstandings to complex commercial issues.

Your business lifecycle – Our business services

From just an idea, to starting up and reaching that steady state our Enrizen team will help you forecast upcoming challenges and ensure you are provided with all the information to make optimal decisions.

We understand the business lifecycle does not always go in chronological order, that’s where we’ll work with your business to ensure your plan is constantly being adapted.

Everything started with just an idea –

No matter how crazy it is, our business advisors will assist you in determining goals and a realistic strategy for the future. This includes setting you up for success by advising on the correct structure to protect your assets.

When reality kicks in –

Our Enrizen experts will take care of the tricky stuff, ensuring you have solid foundations, help your business avoid unnecessary risk and keep you on track by helping you maintain cashflow.

Your business is growing (we’re as excited as you are!) –

Our Enrizen team will ensure you successfully deal with the increased sales and demands of new customers. Our advisors will ensure your accounting and management systems are structurally compliant and effectively managed. We also have finance experts who excel at providing funding options for growth.

There’s a bump in the road –

We understand the volatility of the economy and the huge challenges that come with decreasing profits, sales and negative cash flow. Whilst you may think it’s the end, Enrizen doesn’t. We are experienced in seeking out new business ventures and find areas to cut costs and help get you through the tough times.

Ahhhh the steady state –

With business maturing our Enrizen team understand that during this stage it’s easy to take the backseat, rest on your laurels and rely on those loyal, happy, good looking customers. We can push you to remain competitive by improving productivity, adapting to consumer trends and staying focused on the big picture.

Its time to call it –

If you’re ready to pack up and cash out, or maybe hand down to the next in line for the throne, we can provide you with a valuation of your business, find potential buyers, determine a tax effective strategy for closing out your business, or work with you on a succession plan.

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